India’s triumph in the ICC Champions Trophy is remarkable. That Dhoni’s team went to England soon after the IPL spot-fixing controversy and the relentless media coverage marked by high drama — threatening the credibility of Indian cricket — and won the trophy is indeed a great achievement. What makes the victory unique is that India won all the matches, including the warm-ups. The fact that the matches were played overseas meant less media pressure and harassment. This worked to our advantage.

S. Ram,


The recent IPL controversy and the BCCI imbroglio have been eclipsed by the extraordinary feat of the well-knit Indian cricket team under Dhoni’s brilliant captaincy. Undeterred by the emotional strain caused by the sudden storm of allegations against cricket and its administrators, the players won all the matches in the Champions Trophy. No extraneous conditions, including the unpredictable weather, could destabilise Team India. The nation salutes the team for its resilience, fortitude, perseverance, and single-minded concentration on achieving the goal.

M. Vathapureeswaran,



Sensational triumph for Dhoni's menJune 24, 2013

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