Assam has been embroiled in an ethnic conflagration for quite some time now (“Assam still tense, Modi in firing line,” May 5). The militias have made a mockery of the law and order system in the State with politicians shamelessly involved in blame games rather than being accountable for resolving the political and ethnic unrest. At this juncture, it is essential that an all-party delegation visits Assam to heal the wounds. It is equally unfortunate that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate has stooped low to make illogical remarks against “illegal immigrants.”

Janga Bahadur Sunuwar,

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

The violence in Assam is not of recent origin. The State seems to be on the boil constantly. It is well known that the problem is not a communal or a religious one but one of conflict between the old inhabitants and new settlers. The Congress has failed to resolve this sensitive issue amicably till today despite being in power in the region. It is clear that the party is more interested in vote bank politics than in ensuring communal harmony. The new government must now hold talks with Bangladesh. The region needs major industrial development. Perhaps Kolkata can be the hub of such development.

Bhanamma Aravinda Bai,


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