The attack on Arundhati Roy's house by BJP Mahila Morcha activists is the result of a desperate attempt to gain attention to their ebbing public support. After being unsuccessful in raking up the passions of both communities on the Ayodhya verdict and finding themselves embroiled in the Ajmer bomb attack case, right-wing forces seem to be struggling to find issues to raise their divisive demagogic agendas. Violence by the representatives of intolerant ideologies against those with a different point of view, like Ms. Roy, needs to be vehemently condemned.

Kasim Sait,



The fact that the media were present outside Ms Roy's house bears testimony to the excessive obsession with sensationalism in presenting news.

Doesn't this make the media a party to the crime? It should be understood that with many media channels, sensationalism has now become the norm rather than an exception.

M. Jeyaram,



If the media knew that there was to be an attack on Ms Roy's house, they should have informed the police as well as Ms Roy. The act by the BJP Mahila Morcha activists is nothing but a warning to others on what to expect if they express their opinions freely. Why hasn't the party condemned the actions of its cadres?

V. Pandy,


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