One can understand the sentiments of those protesting against Sri Lanka for the brutal acts of its security forces against unarmed Tamil civilians during the final stages of the war with the LTTE. But by assaulting a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk, who was part of a team of students on a study tour to Thanjavur, the ‘activists’ in Tamil Nadu proved they were no better when it came to venting their anger.

S. Rajagopalan,


The assault on the monk is condemnable. True, the Tamils in India are hurt over the treatment of Sri Lankan Tamils. But meaningless retribution will do no good. The difference between the tormentors and us will diminish if such incidents recur.

S. Arjun Prasanna,


India has welcomed foreign visitors from time immemorial and enthralled them with its vibrant culture of tolerance and spirit of athithi devo bhava. The attack on a visiting Sri Lankan monk by a Tamil outfit has brought shame to our rich tradition and international reputation.

Raghav Sharma,


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