The action of anti-corruption activist Kejriwal of reconnecting the power line of a New Delhi resident and restoring the electricity supply snapped due to non-payment of dues (Oct. 7) is condemnable. Restoring the power supply is the job of the department concerned. The issue may be genuine but it should be taken to the proper forum. The country is watching the activities of the newly formed party led by Mr. Kejriwal with interest.

S. Sankaranarayanan,


Calling Mr. Kejriwal’s action of restoring power snapped due to non-payment of dues an act of satyagraha is an insult to Gandhiji’s concept. It was an act of political showmanship with the media obliging him for whatever reasons.

If his objective is to force the Delhi government to roll back power and water tariffs, he should make it an election issue. Any encouragement of such acts of breaking the law is uncalled for.

N.S. Venkataraman,


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