The double standards adopted by the political parties are mirrored vividly in the article, “Your riot was worse than mine” (March 31). While going hammer and tongs on actor Amitabh Bachchan for having become the ambassador of Gujarat, the Congress spokesperson has forgotten his own party's history of associating with him in the past. The Congress is as much responsible for the Delhi riots as is the BJP for the Gujarat carnage. Why indulge in mudslinging? It is time our politicians concentrated on pressing issues such as price rise, health, food and education, instead of wasting time to score brownie points.



Political parties have never failed to exploit the feelings of the people to gain electoral advantage. The Congress blames the BJP for the Gujarat riots but conveniently forgets the massacre of 1984. Same is the case with the BJP or any other party. Time has come for these parties to take responsibility for their actions.

Nikita Garia,


Siddharth Varadarajan's article on the double standards of the Congress as well as the reference to veteran journalist Tavleen Singh's views is extremely relevant. It would do Narendra Modi and everyone of his kind good to remember the aftermath the “big tree falling” quote attributed to one set of leaders.

Catherine Thankamma,


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