The report “Climate talks gather momentum” (Dec. 18) is a pleasant surprise in view of the not-so-encouraging stands adopted by the developed countries. The issue of reducing greenhouse gas emissions should be separated from politics. It is a matter that concerns all nations, regardless for whether or not they are developed. India should take steps to encourage the use of renewable energy sources and mount a campaign to educate people on cutting emissions.

T.R. Anandan,


The cartoon (Dec. 18) is an excellent portrayal of the balanced approach that needs to adopted at the Copenhagen summit by the 192 participating nations. The ill-effects of climate change will affect a large majority, particularly those on the periphery of the system. This is the time when those capable of changing lives can display statesmanship and collective responsibility in fixing emission reduction targets.

A common problem can be sorted out only through co-operation. One hopes that the Copenhagen summit does not meet the same fate as the Doha Round of WTO talks.

Sindhu Sekar,


Everybody is eager to save the earth but no one is ready to stand for it. The talks so far have been a huge disappointment. Why has Copenhagen failed to hammer out a draft deal? The summit is another example of human greed.

M.K. Muhammed Raeez,


One wonders why there is so much drama when the very existence of humanity is at stake. Knowing full well the consequences of climate change, is it not foolish to try and bully nature in the name of development? Strike the right balance between development and conservation and provide a level-playing field for future generations.

R. Harish,


At a time when the global economy is faced with the threat of the ill-effects of climate change and the developing countries are engaged in a pitched battle at international forums and summits to save the environment, it is regrettable that our leaders are working towards bifurcating a State, disregarding the detrimental impact it will have on the country’s unity.

V. Ganesh,


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