The article “Forget about Incredible India, can we have a Clean India?” (Open Page, May 23) was thought provoking. True, most of our cities are poorly planned and ill maintained. However, that is no excuse for irresponsible behaviour on the part of citizens. As suggested by the author, imposing fines to curb irresponsible behaviour is one way of dealing with it. But there is no use enacting laws if they are not, or cannot be, implemented.

Reuben George Stephen,


Public places and transport systems cry for attention. We claim to be making rapid progress technologically and economically but we are far behind in cleanliness. Many epidemics spread because of lack of hygiene.

Thangam Krishnamachary,


We lack a sense of hygiene and sanitation. We should be ashamed of repulsive habits such as spitting indiscriminately and throwing garbage on the roadsides.

A. Ranganathan,


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