The NCERT’s suggestion to dispense with the public examination at the Class X level and introduce a grading system of evaluation (“More preparation needed,” Sept. 14) is far from satisfactory. The CBSE examinations have always been considered a benchmark for assessing a child’s educational standards. When the number of students aiming for the top bracket increases, the quality of education also increases. And examinations assess the knowledge and thorough understanding of a subject. The scrapping of the public examination will only result in a decline of educational standards.

A.S. Shyama,


One fails to understand the logic behind the government’s move to make the Class X examination optional in CBSE schools from 2011. The Centre should either scrap the public examination or continue with the status quo. This will help in ensuring uniformity and objectivity of the evaluation system.

K. Ravindranathan,


Surely, there must be ways of unburdening a child of his or her school pressure other than making the Class X examination optional. It is the rigorous routine of school that is responsible for the burden on children, not a single set of examinations at the end of the year. Will students be inspired to work hard if there is no goal to achieve at the end of 10 years of study? Also, a student who decided to take the examination will have an edge over another who has decided not to. In such a situation, an equal assessment of merit will not be possible.

J.S. Acharya,


It is important to conduct nationwide discussions and seek advice from eminent educationists before taking such an important decision. Do political leaders have the right to play with the future of the younger generation?

Ketan S. Bhosale,


The CBSE should place more emphasis on issues like quality of schools, curriculum load and better assessment methods in the Board examinations. We have witnessed several education commissions suggesting reforms, but none of them has been translated into reality. Instead of developing strategies based on hypothetical intentions, we should look at issues realistically. The main problem is not the Class X examination but the pressure exerted on children.

Panamalai R Guruprasad,


The main purpose of education is to develop in the learner competence for which confidence is the deciding factor. If, after completing 12 years of education (including kindergarten), a student wants to run away from examination, the matter deserves serious attention.

Rema Sivadas,


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