This is with reference to the article “Ecuador leader for digital-only dailies” (The Hindu, August 21), which cites declarations by the President of the Republic of Ecuador encouraging the reading of news on the Internet instead of traditional news dailies printed on papers to avoid the indiscriminate cutting of trees. The report erroneously indicates President Rafael Correa’s declarations are meant to threaten the directors of media outlets in Ecuador who hold a position contrary to the national government on the exploitation of crude oil in Ecuador. The President had offered earlier to leave this oil unexploited if developed countries came forward and cooperated with Ecuador’s effort while backing us with at least 50 per cent of amount estimated for the petroleum reservoirs offered to be left unexploited.

Since the international community has been reluctant to collaborate with Ecuador on this matter, we consider it our legitimate right to exploit the country’s natural resources while doing our best not to contaminate National Yasuni Park. We will endeavour to preserve nature in accordance with the policies of the Government of Citizen Revolution which, upon the approval of Ecaudor’s New Constitution, made us the first country in the world to confer rights on Mother Nature.

The declarations contained in the report confirm the will and spirit of President Correa to conserve nature by avoiding paper, thus saving trees.

Mentor Villagómez,

Ambassador-designate, Embassy of Ecuador to India,

New Delhi

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