India should take the Chinese activities on the Sino-Indian border seriously. Without just talking about peace, it should concentrate on self-defence, paying due attention to the activities in all neighbouring countries which may impair its sovereignty.

Arindam Bose,


The recent intrusion by Chinese troops in Ladakh and the resultant tensions between India and China have once again raised the border issue, which has not been settled in over six decades.

China has settled its border questions with Russia and other neighbouring countries. We have lost precious time.

T. Chitrabhanu,

Beijing has denied that its troops have encroached upon Indian territory and that it has violated pacts with New Delhi. Relations between the two countries have been marked by mutual suspicion since 1962. China is at odds with Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan too. India should be careful and ensure that it does not lose any more territory to China.

Vijay D. Patil,


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