One of the worst mine accidents in the world's history has become one of the best executed rescue efforts ever mounted in the mine industry across the world. The willpower and determination of the trapped miners, the Chilean Government's resolve to mount the rescue at any cost, and the prayers of near and dear ones are something to be admired. Chile deserves praise. Safety and rescue operations need to study the Chilean mission in detail.

Capt. T. Raju (retd.),


The world is thrilled at the rescue effort. It was patience, technology and professional expertise that helped these people surface. The mission is a morale booster to millions of subterranean workers, whose hardship makes life for billions of others comfortable. This effort is also a path-breaker in disaster management.

A. Mohan,


We need to salute the rescue team and every contributor to this mighty human endeavour. Nations that have mines need to study the textbook-like and structured rescue operations in detail.

Rajesh Prabu Radhakrishnan,


As I write this, the on-going special television coverage of the dramatic rescue operation is a source of great inspiration. Those were moments when we saw images of a lifetime and felt one with the common humanity. It is nothing short of an astonishing feat. Credit and gratitude should go in ample measure to the rescue personnel for showing ingenuity and skill in making the best use of modern technology and the great dedication behind this attempt. Generations to come will be spell-bound by this remarkable story.

G. David Milton,


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