The figures that expose the rate of crime against children in India (“Our crimes against our children,” Jan. 21) are shocking. They shatter the myth that only girls are subjected to sexual abuse. Regardless of gender, a child is not safe today — even at home. He or she is at risk of sexual and physical abuse all the time.

The urgent need of the hour is enactment of laws providing for stringent punishment for the perpetrators of crime against children, and their implementation. And everyone of us should break our silence to save the innocence of children.

Akanksha Mehrotra,


The article will surely disturb the minds of conscientious human beings. Boasting about the past and bemoaning the future, we often forget the present. Legislators have enacted many laws and amended them according to their needs. But we are yet to enact a comprehensive law to protect our children.

T. Annadurai,


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