Many of us chess aficionados felt great joy on hearing that Doordarshan will telecast live the world chess championship. However, all our hopes and expectations have been checkmated even before the first move was made. To start with, the audio has been barely audible. In between the screen went blank and the action shifted to some other sport. After this there was the display of the chessboard with some kind of analysis. Unfortunately, only a part of it was visible. There was no display of the moves either. The national broadcaster does not seem to have moved an inch from its “Rukavat Keliye Khed Hai” era.

Divakar Pai,


I wish DD Sports projects the whole board and moves with the notation instead of showing us half the board and Viswanathan Anand’s clock alone. There has to be some kind of expert commentary after each move.

N. Rajagopalan,


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