The legacy of Hugo Rafael Chavez is best reflected in the last sentence of the fitting editorial tribute “The passing of a giant” (March 7). An altar boy at the local Catholic Church under the protective care of his grandmother in Barinas, Chavez rose to become the rallying point of Bolivarianism in the 21st century. Chavez put the oil-rich Venezuela at the service of the poor. The Left forces of Latin America have lost one their most outspoken champions.

Mahalingam Yaaman,


The flamboyant socialist leader of South America ensured that his people, especially the marginalised sections, received the benefits of education and health reforms, reducing poverty to a great extent. The fiercest critic of the U.S. was a firebrand orator and a revolutionary who was loved by his people.

S. Siddharth Samson,


Ignited by the spark of democratic revolution against centuries of exploitation and oppression in Venezuela, Chavez did everything to save his country from the near-colonial rule of the U.S. Many socialist governments in Latin America were inspired by Chavez. Now that he is gone, the leaders and people of Venezuela should resolutely commit themselves to carrying forward his sound legacy. Red salute to the leader who believed in rising to resist, rather than succumbing to sink!

A.G. Rajmohan,


A politician with a deep sense of history, a good Catholic who loved his church, Hugo Chavez has left a great political heritage for his successor Nicolas Maduro to carry forward. The Bolivarian Revolution will, hopefully, enable Latin America to emerge progressively in all fronts. All parties with socialistic leanings must consolidate and extend support to the Maduro government.

Thomas Edmunds,


The death of Chavez is indeed a big loss to Venezuela. He transformed the condition of the poor in the country with his unique oil-financed social programmes. Chavez’s 14-year rule is a lesson for many nations across the world, including India.

Mohd Mudassir Alam,


Chavez was the flag-bearer of socialism and anti-imperialism. He enjoyed undisputed and charismatic support not only within Venezuela but the whole of Latin America. He nationalised oil and utilised the profits from it to improve the lives of the great majority of his people. The U.S. may call him a dictator or demagogue but he proved that his rule was far better than a failed democracy.

Syed Abbas Haider,


Architect of 21st century socialism, Chavez worked hard for the redemption of the impoverished people of Venezuela even as political leaders elsewhere were frantically engaged in plundering the poor. He was a cut above the rest as he not only took on global capitalism but also missed no opportunity to tweak the nose of Uncle Sam, thus resisting American hegemony.

M. Jameel Ahmed,


Venezuela has indeed lost an illustrious son and the world a revolutionary leader. Chavez was Latin America’s most charismatic leader since Fidel Castro. It is interesting to note that Mahatma Gandhi was more of a role model for Chavez than Marx.

K.S. Padmanabha,


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