The incident of the police action in Meerut against some Kashmiri students over the alleged act of cheering for the Pakistan cricket team in front of television is condemnable. Would the police have behaved the same way if the students had been supporting another foreign team like Australia, England or South Africa? Will scores of Indian fans be locked up during the IPL season for supporting foreign players?

Mohammad Aftab Ahmed,

Buxar, Bihar

Let us delve deep into the issue. The basic problem lies in the ambiguous foreign policy of our government. Is Pakistan our friend, an enemy or a neutral state? If an enemy, why engage with it in any field? You don’t play games with your enemies! If it is a friend or a neutral state, where does the question of sedition arise?

Anupam Bhargava,


The unfortunate and ridiculous situation arose due to a lack of sensibility exhibited by our police officers. But they cannot be blamed either as they have to remain beholden to their political masters. The police force would have won accolades if it had displayed the same efficiency in solving crime.

Sasna Saifudhin,


The incident is not surprising and the rest of India should not see it as a threat to nation-building. If such a thing has happened, we must ask ourselves honestly why after over 60 years of independence, we as a nation have failed to ensure communal harmony in India.

Premjeet Kumar Barnwal,


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