It is a shame that the premier management institutions that impart quality training to prepare future managers not only from India but also from across the globe cannot manage their own admission test. The online tests continued to fail for the third day on Tuesday and the agency responsible for it is unable to fix the glitch. Thoughtless computerisation without human intervention is a sure shot for disaster is the lesson the CAT online examination teaches future managers. The institutes of management owe an apology to the aspirants for this goof-up.

A.V. Narayanan,


Over two lakh bright young students were made to suffer because of an untested online testing method. It was proved inefficient for the third day. Will the government step in and take exemplary action against those responsible so that the cream of our youth is not held to ransom by such mindless processes? Was anybody held accountable when the question paper leaked out and a re-examination conducted some years ago?

C.R. Ramaswamy,


Every year, thousands of aspiring managers appear for CAT and this year is no different. More than a person’s scholastic ability, it is the mental alertness that is tested the most in these examinations. But it is unfair to test alertness in a non-level playing field. The IIMs should conduct a re-examination for all aspirants in the paper-pencil format.

Jhakda Velu,


It is really frustrating when the systems failure affects an online-based examination. The rescheduling of examinations for a large number of students will surely affect their morale and enthusiasm. Why perform such experiments when we have sophisticated technology and infrastructure at hand?

Gautham Srivatsav,


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