It has become a common practice for the authorities to take action against people who fight evil practices. The arrest of political cartoonist and anti-corruption crusader Aseem Trivedi on charges of sedition, cyber crime, and insulting the national flag, Parliament and the Constitution is the latest example. Mr. Trivedi did nothing except mirroring the face of current events. The government should be bold enough to take criticism with an open mind.

Mallareddi Sankara Prasad,


Cartoonists should have more respect for politicians. The pains our representatives take to propel the country forward should be acknowledged. Proving that 1.86 lakh crore=0, fighting in Parliament and disrupting its proceedings in every session — these require a great deal of industriousness and dedication. Insulting them or their deeds through cartoons is truly an act of sedition.

Ripon Sarker,


Artists need to understand that freedom of speech and expression comes with reasonable restrictions. “Gang Rape of Mother India” and portrayal of Ajmal Kasab as a dog urinating on the Constitution are in bad taste.


New Delhi

Mr. Trivedi’s arrest is justified. He must get exemplary punishment for insulting the Republic of India and its Constitution. For heaven’s sake, let us not link this to the freedom enshrined in the Constitution. I am disappointed with a section of the media and cartoonists for supporting him. Our values and traditions cannot be insulted in the name of fighting against corruption.

Roshan Kumar,


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