The absence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at CHOGM was nothing but an ill-advised diplomatic blunder caused by parochial political posturing. It is rarely that Sri Lankan Tamils are allowed to meet a foreign dignitary. Finally, it was left to the British Prime Minister to do what the Indian Prime Minister should have done — visit Jaffna and lend a patient ear to the Tamil population.

T.K.S. Thathachari,


It was a master stroke on the part of Mr. Cameron to visit Jaffna and see first hand the life of the Tamil people.

One also hopes that the media are balanced in presenting the situation there. The facts must speak for themselves.

T. Anand Raj,


This refers to the report, “Rajapaksa rejects Cameron’s ultimatum for inquiry” (Nov.17). Sri Lankan President Rajpaksa has rightly rejected the British Prime Minister’s ultimatum as it constitutes interference in the internal affairs of a country. Every country has its own culture, governance and the law of the land to follow and to look into alleged rights violations.

Will Mr. Cameron be equally proactive when it comes to looking into rights violations in other parts of the world?

J.P. Reddy,


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