UPA II has completed its last reshuffle before the next election. The Congress hopes the latest changes will strengthen its prospects. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has taken proper care to balance different States while satisfying a few aspirants for ministerial berths. He has categorically said he would be happy to see Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister. This should bring cheer to young Congressmen. It is to be seen how the reshuffle and revamp are going to help the Congress come back to power for the third time, nullifying the anti-incumbency factor.

M.S.R. Seshasai,


The Cabinet reshuffle is one last desperate effort by the Prime Minister to revive the sagging image of his government. A damp squib reflecting tokenism, it is a cosmetic exercise aimed at rewarding and placating regional satraps for their loyalty to the high command with an eye on the general election.

B. Suresh Kumar,


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