I fully endorse the views expressed by P. Esakki Muthu in the article “Halt this buying spree,” Open Page, Oct. 16). There were no overhead tanks in Bhimavaram when I was transferred to the city from Visakhapatnam in 1984. My family had to depend on the municipal water supplied two hours a day. We purchased two big cement water containers to store the water. Two years later, overhead tanks were installed everywhere and connected to water pipes. The cement water containers were no longer needed. I requested my wife to dispose them off but she insisted on carrying them to all the six houses we shifted to. Whenever I asked her to dispose them off, she would say that she would throw away my audio cassettes. After 24 years, she donated them to a dhobi. This is only one example. There are many items which we neither use nor throw away.

T.S.N. Rao,


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