The article “Recovering Budhni Mejhan from the silted landscape of modern India” (June 2) was an eye-opener for me and the thousands of others who must have read it. What an incredible journey through the sands of time into an era where the development and progress of a country was measured purely on an economic scale devoid of the emotional quotient which acts as a nexus between the ecology and its inhabitants! As a nation, we prefer to be indifferent to the perils of others and consider it a necessary evil in the path of progress as long as we are not affected. We cannot rule people out because they are socially or culturally not on a par with us, “the educated elite.” Let us not measure development through the prism of economic growth alone, because development without responsibility is going to land us in an abyss from which we might take centuries to crawl out from.

Rahul Sen,


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