This refers to the article “Waiting for the postman to ring twice,” (The Sunday Story, Aug. 26). Despite the changes in the service sector, India Post is doing a great job catering to people’s needs. Private couriers deliver letters and parcels only in places that are well connected by roads. Often, they return the letters to the senders with remarks like “no such person,” “door locked,” and “address not found”.

The government should train the employees of the postal department and offer them monetary and non-monetary incentives which are on a par with the private sector. In the long run, only India Post will survive in the market because of its wider presence. It surely has an edge over private players.

Vedula Krishna,


I am a member of the postal family. We have been carrying people’s emotions to their near and dear for years, when the phone and the internet were alien to them. Personal mails have reduced considerably now and we depend on business mails to keep the establishment running. Our savings scheme is beneficial to people in rural areas. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the various facilities offered by post offices.

The marketing wing of the postal department needs to be strengthened. It is time we worked together for improving its fortunes. Otherwise, the anxious wait for the postman and the pride on receiving a letter will become history.

B. Priyanka,



Waiting for the postman to ring twiceAugust 26, 2012

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