As rightly pointed out in the article “Pity the broiler wife” (Open Page, March 28), women have been and are subjected to exploitation. A woman's effort to support the family is overlooked as her income is treated as supplementary. There are many examples of men doing nothing worthy and, worse, squandering away the money. They force women to take charge of the house. And even though women shoulder the family responsibility, they are not appreciated but disparaged. The article is certainly a mordant reflection of our social values.

Amrita Krishnan,

New Delhi

Let me first congratulate The Hindu on allocating a full page to readers to air their views on different topics. The article on the broiler wife deals with only one side of the coin. We also find women who squander the hard-earned income of their husbands. And it is not as if they belong to the so-called high strata of society. We find such women in the middle and lower classes too.

N.R.U.K. Kartha,


Modern women and men invest their income wisely. The decision on where to invest may be made by men. But it seems perfect as men can deal better with share-brokers and realtors.

P. Guru Prasad,


The article points to the state of many employed women in India. They are expected to work like super human beings managing work at office and home simultaneously. Even after working round the clock, a woman hardly enjoys her income as the man remains head of the family. Women are expected to respect and obey the decisions of men in matters pertaining to not only the family but also their job and salary. Women should fight against such conditions if they want their contribution to be acknowledged.

Anu Sarema,


The article rightly points to the plight of working women whose earnings do not necessarily make them economically independent. This may be true in many, if not, all families. But there are families in which women decide how their money is to be spent. A compatible husband will certainly not make his spouse a broiler wife.

V. Rajagopal,


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