Over just four summits, BRICS has made its presence felt on the international scene (“A tale of two very different summits,” April 24). I think the reason for its success is the wider geography, population and market it represents. BRICS is bound to overtake other international groupings in the years to come in popularity and importance. Extending the UNSC seat to Brazil, India and South Africa will make BRICS a new powerhouse.

Aditya Vishal,


The emergence of BRICS as a strong power centre is a good sign for not only Asia but also other countries. It represents almost half of the globe. The presence of two permanent U.N. members makes BRICS stronger. The decision taken in its recent Delhi summit, to start a Bank, and its stand on Syria and Iran are in the right direction. The decline of American power, on the other hand, is due to its flip-flop on terrorism and its unjustifiable war in Iraq. The U.S. and its allies have made the world a more insecure place to live in.

T. Anand Raj,


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