This is with reference to the report, “Supreme Court quashes criminal proceedings against Kushboo” (April 29). Kudos to the Chief Justice and Justices Deepak Verma and B.S. Chauhan. Their verdict has brought relief to the people who had been constantly harassed by the ‘moral brigades' of our land. It is high time we opened the doors to change.

Jasmine Jose,

New Delhi

It is a moral victory for those who fearlessly exercise their fundamental right. It was clear that Ms Kushboo stood for teaching the younger generation sexology either in educational institutions or by parents and this was misquoted in some sections of the press. It was commendable that she silently suffered the humiliation and, against all odds, stood by her statement. People like her are a rarity.

K.V. Rajagopal,


That 23 defamation cases were filed against Ms Kusbhoo illustrate the growing intolerance of those who try to stifle debate and discussion in a democracy. The actor had the financial muscle to battle it out in the courts but imagine the plight of someone who might not have had that strength. Congratulations to Ms Kusbhoo: her suggestions are a wake-up call to all right-thinking people.

K. Ramaswamy,


The Supreme Court's observations should be an eye-opener to every individual or organisation who claims to champion the cause of morality. Change is inevitable with the efflux of time. There was a time when people from the so-called lower castes were debarred from walking freely on the streets of the upper castes. Young widows were not allowed to remarry. Customs are bound to change. It is futile to expect morals when society itself is unable to accept yesteryear values.

To prevent the recurrence of this type of harassment, actor Kushboo should seek a hefty compensation from those who filed such frivolous complaints against her.

The judiciary, too, must impose fines on those misusing its valuable time.

O.G. Krishnamurthy,


The quashing of the criminal proceedings initiated against Ms Kushboo for her candid remarks on “the diversity of choice” and “changing lifestyles” struck a huge blow to those who had unnecessarily denigrated her. It comes as an affirmation of a citizen's freedom of speech which cannot be impinged upon on the ground of his or her non-conformist views on marriage and family life. Open-minded questions and discussions are good for healthy relationships. No one is led astray by them as argued by those who are unable to ditch aeons of social baggage and adapt themselves to newer ways of thinking and living. Pity the men who cast stones at the liberal actor.

G. David Milton,


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