The Border Security Force's act of stripping and thrashing a Bangladeshi man (editorial “Brutality on the border,” Jan. 24) has exposed its brutal and cowardly mindset. Whether or not the man was a cattle-smuggler, the personnel had no right to abuse him. The BSF personnel are known to terrorise villagers along the West Bengal international border. Most of the incidents remain unreported. Of those which are reported, few remain in the news for long. Merely suspending the jawans will not do. The media must stay with the issue till punishment is meted out to them. The government should teach its security personnel to respect the common man, be it a citizen or a foreigner.

Kajal Chatterjee,


The sordid video of the BSF personnel torturing a helpless Bangladeshi displayed an act of cruelty unbecoming of such a proud force. While Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has asked for the incident not to be hyped, hatred may well be spread among Bangladeshis if immediate action is not taken. As the editorial aptly advises, New Delhi must make an unreserved apology to Bangladesh so as to sustain good-neighbourly relations and prevent the recurrence of such brutality.

Govind Singh Khimta,


The video is not only shocking but spine-chilling. Before they are recruited, security personnel should be educated on human rights and the proper procedure for dealing with trespassers. The BSF's actions impact two nations and, hence, they must exercise restraint. Only in the face of resistance or attack must our forces retaliate.

T. Anand Raj,


The editorial rightly points to the growing proclivity for unbridled streak of sadism among security personnel. Posting in remote and difficult areas — with sporadic rest periods and homesickness — takes its toll on soldiers. The dissatisfaction, at times, translates into brutal acts which jeopardise international relations.

Rajiv Vasisth,


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