The articles on mobile phones (Open Page, July 18) were timely. While travelling on trains, the continuous chatter of the phones, especially during night, ruins passenger comfort. Some travellers use the audio and video facility in their phones to listen to music or watch films through the speaker instead of headphones. We need to have a law banning the use of mobile phones in public.

N.V. Karthik,


While travelling on Mumbai's suburban trains, one can overhear conversations like “Now I am in Vikhroli, I will reach Ghatkopar in another five minutes.” Five minutes later, there is another conversation: “I have reached Ghatkopar …” The younger generation wastes a lot of money, time and energy on endless cellphone conversations, which can be avoided.

Easwar Raghunathan,


The cellphone is a boon but misuse has made it a bane. It is at its worst while travelling, particularly by train.

It is common to see people making a call as soon as they reach a station, get into a train or when a train leaves … It is a nuisance, especially for senior citizens.

S. Rajagopalan,


Any scientific invention is a boon or bane depending on its use. Apart from helping to communicate, my mobile phone helps me retain friendships and healthy relationships. Messaging is its special feature. We can convey our feelings, any information or useful tips in a short and sweet way. Bankers use the cellphone to intimate details of transactions to their customers.

R. Shanthi,


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