“When the RTI ‘Basmasura' chased the government” (Sept. 27) was thought-provoking. The RTI Act has been enacted to protect the interests of the common man in keeping track of the government work. But it seems to have been hijacked by the political class who appear to be using it to derail the day-to-day functioning of the government. It is high time all parties came together and drew a Lakshman rekha. If parties start misusing the powers given to the common man, no government would be able to survive.

N. Nagarajan,


It is surprising that pundits, both in politics and the bureaucracy, are debating whether it was right or not to have released material related to a matter which is sub judice. It is childish and even an exhibition of arrogant behaviour on the part of those who are against the release of information based on an RTI application. The man on the street should know the truth and get justice.

Krishnaswamy V.,


The RTI has aptly been compared with the snake charmer's wind instrument (“Cartoonscape,” Sept. 28). It holds enormous powers when filed. The authorities have to come clean.

Balram Aneja,

New Delhi

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