This refers to the Editorial (“Writing no wrongs,” April 16) and the reports “Baru’s book mother of all plants: Cong.” and “‘Nothing but a stab in the back’” (April 16). I have not read any of the books in the eye of a raging storm, but going by the discourses in the media in the aftermath of their hitting the stands, I feel that such books are a welcome sign of a healthy democracy. Comments like “stabbed in the back” are only proof of impropriety and irregularity. It is well known that the political class, the ruling dispensation and the bureaucracy included owe a lot to the people.

Although the timing of release of these two books is debatable, the fact remains that the improprieties have now come to public domain to enable people to make an informed choice.

C.R. Krishnamurthy,


Many of us are so busy criticising the writings of Sanjaya Baru and P.C. Parakh as secret political stunts, but what we appear to fail to understand is the anguish and disappointment these two men faced during their tenure while observing countless irregularities in the PMO, losing their decision-making power and being cowed down to various pressures exerted by political parties. It is heartening that such officials are now coming forward to make us understand the various aspects of governance, which is definitely our right.

Rakesh Singam,



Writing no wrongsApril 16, 2014

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