It is distressing that people who are disabled, especially those who are vision impaired (editorial, July 28), are “seen” as expendables by even the so-called developed countries. These nations seem to be developed only in economic areas and military power, but not in humanism. A via media has to be found at the earliest. Has the West forgotten Helen Keller?

T. Anand Raj,


The opposition to the treaty has affected the disabled. The muscle of commerce has dashed the hopes of a visually handicapped person trying to lead a life of dignity. As the editorial says, for nearly 285 million blind and vision-impaired individuals in 190 countries, being able to access books in special formats such as Braille and audio books is essential for active participation in the community. As India has a large number of such individuals, it has to fight for their rights.

Abhishek Kumar Roy,



Blind to reasonJuly 28, 2012

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