The BJP is back to its old ways, threatening to disrupt the functioning of Parliament unless Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde apologises for his remark that the party and the RSS are running training camps which spread “Hindu” terror. It is common for leaders to indulge in mud-slinging whenever they get an opportunity. Parliament cannot be disrupted for this. The BJP leaders have ample scope to raise their voice in Parliament. They should ask Mr. Shinde to prove what he said, and corner him if his remark is unfounded.

S.S. Varadarajan,


BJP president Rajnath Singh’s threat that Parliament will not be allowed to function unless Mr. Shinde tenders an apology is superfluous, considering that Parliament has been continuously obstructed.

S.N. Sarma,


Parliament has anyway been paralysed for one reason or the other for quite some time. Is it fair to stall its proceedings to settle an issue between two political parties? It is the nation’s highest forum, meant for raising people’s issues. Unfortunately, it witnesses only pandemonium when it meets. If our country’s interest and progress are to be safeguarded, no political party or group should be allowed to hijack parliamentary proceedings.

R. Madhavan,


The BJP is justified in agitating over Mr. Shinde’s irresponsible statement. Coming from a person holding the office of Union Home Minister, it assumes a sinister hue. The fact that the UPA government has not distanced itself from the statement shows that Mr. Shinde has its backing.

V. Rajalakshmi,


P. Chidambaram coined the phrase “saffron terror” and got away lightly. But Mr. Shinde gave a twist to it by saying that the RSS and the BJP run camps to train Hindu terrorists. Terrorist outfits in Pakistan latched on to his remark gleefully, putting back the initiative India enjoyed in the peace dialogue. Mr. Shinde has given the BJP, which was in disarray for various reasons, an opportunity to wrest the initiative by asking him to apologise.

H.R. Bapu Satyanarayana,


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