The editorial “Puppets on a string” (June 13) rightly says that the claim made by BJP leaders that it is an independent organisation is a farce. The sangh’s most important ideologue, Golwalkar, laid down very explicitly that the political wing would be under its command. In a speech to the RSS cadres in 1954, he said: “If we say that we are part of the organisation and accept its discipline then selectiveness has no place in life. Do what is told. If told to play kabaddi, play kabaddi, told to hold meeting then meeting … For instance some of our friends were told to go and work for politics that does not mean that they have great interest or inspiration for it. They don’t die for politics like fish without water. If they are told to withdraw from politics then also there is no objection. Their discretion is just not required.”

Shamsul Islam,


It is well known that the BJP (erstwhile Jana Sangh) is nothing but a “mukouta” of the RSS. Why not say so? What Mr. Advani said in the 1980s and 1990s is now being practised by Narendra Modi with more aggression. It is up to us (not the rabble rousers) to decide what the country needs.

Ahamad Fuad,


The Advani resignation episode was a grim reminder to the NDA allies that the politics of the BJP is entirely in accordance with the diktats of the RSS. In the end, the BJP had to acknowledge that it resolved the issue after the RSS’s intervention.

Tito Pulikkottil,


Leaders of all parties are puppets dancing to the tune of persons behind the veil. It is an open secret that our Prime Minister himself is a puppet in the hands of his party chief.

Meenakshi Pattabiraman,


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