The bedlam created by the legislators of the Bihar Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council is despicable and amounts to disrespect for the Constitution and democracy. The shameless manner in which they behaved with one another showed them in their true colours. By creating a ruckus, the so-called people's representatives proved how self-centred and unconcerned they are about people's issues. The shameful incident has further dented the already bad image of our politicians.

Sachin Kumar,


The photo of the woman legislator hurling a flower pot outside the Bihar legislature (July 22) was shocking. Such legislators should be expelled from not only the House but also their party. What kind of example are they setting for the next generation of politicians?

Anitha Zachariah,


The photograph of Congress MLC Jyoti Devi — investing her energy in her democratic task of hurling a flower pot outside the Bihar legislature — proves that the violence our law-makers often prove themselves capable of knows no gender. That even the watch and ward remained mute spectators to her antics speaks volumes on the degree of impunity our legislators enjoy. But, then, politicians leading a gang and letting loose violence on public property under the very nose of the law-enforcing agencies is no longer a rare sight.

S. Balu,


One can well imagine how unruly Ms Devi's behaviour inside the House would have been. Did she hurl the flower pot to make a point in favour of those who elected her?

Beorn Kiruba,


The photograph epitomises the rot in our democracy. It depicts the betrayal of the democratic tenets by people's representatives. It also shows the lack of maturity among legislators in a country that supports the cause of women's empowerment. People's welfare seems to occupy no place in the realm of our politicians' duties. People should remove such elements from public life.

Suja Gopakumar,


We proudly claim that India is the biggest democracy but the Bihar legislators have shown that our representatives do not have a mature democratic behaviour. Throwing slippers, destroying flower pots and using un-parliamentary language reflect their immaturity.

Everybody enjoys the right to protest, but it should be done in a democratic manner. The alleged financial irregularities against which the Opposition was protesting could have been discussed in the House, upholding democratic values.

P. Nisand,


Day after day, visuals of legislators hurling shoes and mikes at one another, abusing and stalling the proceedings of the House are flashed across news channels. However, nothing seems to embarrass our politicians. It is time the honourable members of the legislatures are held accountable for wasting precious time and the taxpayers' money.

Swapna Jayan,


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