There is a perception that smaller States spell better governance (Editorial, “Smaller State, bigger problems,” June 10). Whether small or big, almost all States in India face problems when it concerns the waiving of loans. Almost all political parties hold out this carrot, which is a time-tested shortcut to rule States. It sends out the wrong signal to the people that political parties will ensure that there is no loan worry and that it is not prudent to pay loans back. Honesty is not the best policy!

The corporate sector too demands a reduction in interest rates, wants concessions, tax incentives and a moratorium on loan payment. The day is not very far off when we will face bigger problems.

S.A. Srinivasa Sarma,


Let us hope that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu can fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the people in the truncated State. It will be a Herculean task to construct a new capital and get the new State’s financial position back on track. But it isn’t impossible either. There are the advantages of a long coastline that can boost opportunities.

Aditya S. Nivarthi,


Sinking sentimental differences caused by the division and taking up the inherent advantages that come with a smaller State will benefit both States. Mr. Naidu is a veteran in ensuring development and is bound to ensure growth.

S. Srimoolanathan,

El Dorado Hills, California

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