The editorial on the Public Bicycle Scheme (Aug. 9) was quite interesting and thought-provoking. I used to go to school by bicycle and it was a wonderful experience. Nowadays, people seldom use the bicycle primarily due to lack of safety on the roads. Therefore, the foremost need is to make our roads safer for bicyclists. As the editorial rightly suggests, bicycle-inclusive city planning should be expedited.

K. R.C. Nair,


The need of the hour is to provide a safe corridor for bicyclists on urban roads. Once that is achieved, the market will take care of shared modern bicycles and IT-based operations. After all, every street corner in India used to have a shop that hired out bicycles on an hourly basis until a few years ago.

In Davis, California, where I did my doctoral studies, students, professors, administrators, and even deans, ride their bicycles alongside each other because of the excellent network of bicycle lanes, including exclusive traffic signals.

C.G. Senthilkumar,


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