Ever since a trial court sentenced the accused in the Bhopal gas disaster case to two years' imprisonment, a hue and cry has been raised on the almost forgotten tragedy which occurred 26 years ago. All columnists, political commentators, legal experts, not to mention the political parties, especially the opposition, are trying to grab the opportunity to make a point. Where were these experts and mediapersons all these years? Had they furnished the information they are giving us now earlier, Warren Anderson would perhaps not have been allowed to leave the country and the victims would have got a better deal.

Lawrence Vadukut,



The verdict has come in for criticism from all quarters and rightly so. The disclosure about the role of those at the helm in ensuring Mr. Anderson a safe exit is equally shocking.

Whatever the clarifications and justifications of the Congress leaders, the fact remains that the political party with a great history has erred in protecting the interests of the people affected by the tragedy. The demand that the reconstituted GoM prepare a report in 10 days is laughable.

Kavi Suresh,



The Prime Minister asking the reconstituted GoM to submit a report in 10 days is asking for the moon. Governments have showed continued apathy towards the Bhopal disaster victims. It is obvious that the order is intended to stem the raging storm over the verdict. Fooling the public has its limits.

E. Sivasankaran,


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