The development we have seen in our country in various fields ever since we were freed from the shackles of British rule is being eroded by selfish rulers, uncontrolled scams, a lack of morals and ethics and the inability to contain external and internal insurgencies. Another Independence Day will pass and we will be exhorted to think of the future. Unless these basis issues are addressed, it will be difficult for people to hope for good to come.

N.S.R. Murthy,


Another Independence Day has dawned. It is time we understood that its celebration, or of Republic Day or any festivals for that matter, is not about holidaying or feasting alone, but about taking earnest steps to better our thinking, way of life and working style, thereby taking our nation to greater heights. The time has come for the government and the private sector to clamp down on this meaningless, holiday culture.

S. Ramakrishnasayee,


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