The article “Nip this in the bud” (editorial page, Aug.12) was candid and insightful.

The claim of “mass production” is only a subterfuge to make it appear as though GM crops are a boon, while various case studies have proved the opposite. With many study reports pointing to only the harmful and noxious influences genetically modified organisms have on living beings, it might be prudent to commission long-term studies. .

Even after 20 years of experience in GM crop commercialisation, the U.S. has studies to prove that the fallout can be alarming and disquieting.

People are entitled to informed choice.

R. Sampath,


The country has been debating the safety aspect of GM food ever since the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) had shown the green signal to Bt.brinjal. There are 55 GM crops that have been identified by the Ministry of Environment. Many believe that India is not prepared for GM crops as the country does not have strict provisions on their labelling. India needs more extensive studies to prove that GM crops are safe.

Arivalur V. Nagarajan,


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