This refers to the letter by Mr. R.S. Raghavan (Aug.17), that big ticket loans are discussed and sanctioned at the board level, leaving the disbursing branch officials with a huge list of terms and conditions that are not fulfilled.

It is not merely the NPAs and overdue big loans on account of which public sector banks are bleeding. There are internal and external factors too, the main reasons being: age group of officials who find it difficult to handle computer operations. They do not have proper training and evince the least interest in learning/understanding the capability of the application checkpoints; improper adherence to password maintenance/dual control of ATM cash loading; a scarcity of staff to handle the volume of visitors/queries/transactions which causes them to overlook follow-up work; government accounts/other social security jobs; failed recruitments after mass resignations after recent recruitment.

This is the position ever since SVRS was implemented when 70 per cent of well-trained staff left in 2001. It is time the IBA intervened.

Raghothaman S., Chennai

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