The article, “Bank consolidation: pitfalls of a hasty decision” (Nov. 30), succinctly analysed the danger posed by the move for consolidation of public sector banks. The move is mainly aimed at destroying the public sector character of banks and to impose class banking instead of the avowed purpose of mass banking professed by the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, for nationalisation of banks. Any move towards consolidation should involve all stakeholders, and more importantly, the general public. Sadly, the entire process is shrouded in mystery. The argument that the process would help make Indian banks become competitive at global level is specious, given the negligible percentage of our banking business overseas. The synergy levels with regard to integration of technology, systems and procedures and staff will be certainly elusive. The public sector banks are doing well at present. Tinkering with their functioning will do more harm than good.

J.Anantha Padmanabhan,


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