The article “A dangerous connivance” (April 6) on the rally held by Muslim groups in Kolkata in support of Bangladeshi war criminals was well written. The muted stance of the major political parties of West Bengal is hardly surprising. No one has the courage to call a spade a spade.

R. Ramanathan,


The ongoing churning in Bangladesh represents the battle for the soul of the country. After the recent verdicts in the war crimes trial, Islamists were on the back foot. In a desperate attempt, they have come forward to reassert themselves. Though it is heartening to know that secular forces are more vocal and clear in their objective than they have been at any point of time in the history of Bangladesh, one cannot underestimate the strength of the newly formed Hifazat-e-Islam which has the backing of the Jamaat-e-Islami and the BNP.

The Government of India and the Indian intelligentsia have truly disappointed by not coming out openly in support of the secular forces. Ignoring its spillover effect in India for temporary political gains can harm our polity in the long run, aside from the obvious damage it will have on India-Bangladesh relations.

Vipul Dev,


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