This refers to the editorial “Quash the ban, screen the film” (Jan. 29). It is not for The Hindu to pass a verdict on screening Vishwaroopam. While I agree that a court is expected to pass a judgment, not render advice, one cannot tell the court what to do.

An amicable solution, if possible, would be most welcome. Police protection in theatres screening the film may lead to the use of force against protesters. There is a threat of violence which needs to be dealt with in a prudent manner. The courts should rightfully have the final say on such issues.

S. Pious,


What we expect from films is entertainment, not enlightenment. Legends like Kamal Haasan should bear this in mind while making a movie. Subjects on god and religion must be handled with extreme caution, and should not hurt the religious feelings of a community. We do not have a clear idea about the contents of the film. We have to go by either the actor’s defence of the movie or Muslim groups’ opposition to it.

But the judiciary, as rightly pointed out in the editorial, should not just stop with imparting advice to seek a compromise. It is justice that is expected.

Meenakshi Pattabiraman,


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