That Uttar Pradesh has always been in the news for victimising administrators, notwithstanding the party in power, is unfortunate (“Victim of political skulduggery?” Aug. 2).

By suspending Durga Shakti Nagpal, an honest officer of the State, the Akhilesh Yadav government has set a wrong precedent.

Padmaneri V. Sivanand,


Ms Nagpal, who clamped down on illegal mining and took the powerful sand mafia in U.P. head on, should have been appreciated for her bold action. Her suspension, without giving her an opportunity to explain, is against natural justice.

S. Narayanan,


Ms Nagpal’s suspension on what appears to be a frivolous charge has created outrage and moral indignation across the country. She was only doing her job as an upright officer to put an end to the activities of the sand mafia. As for the charge that she had a wall of a mosque demolished (which could have led to communal tensions), the Supreme Court has clearly said in its judgment that unauthorised places of religious worship should be demolished if they are in public space. It is difficult to understand why the U.P. government suspended her instead of conducting an inquiry.

The young Chief Minister has proved unable to break the stranglehold of criminal elements which violate the laws with impunity.

K.S. Sundaram,


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