It is heartening to note the finding of the CNN-IBN-The Hindu Election Tracker Survey that 50 per cent of voters across 18 States want the Women’s Reservation Bill to become law.

The two major national parties should give due representation to women in the 2014 election. Women’s empowerment will usher in overall improvement, a fact that has been proved in Bangladesh.

P.N. Tripathi,


It is quite natural for male political leaders to oppose the Women’s Reservation Bill as almost one-third of them will lose their opportunity to women permanently. Since it is clear that half of the voters are for the bill, the Lok Sabha should pass it so that one-third of the MPs in the next Parliament are women.

The law will have its disadvantages, though. Our politicians will field their daughters, grand-daughters, wives and daughters-in-law in the elections.

M.Y. Shariff,


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