This refers to the report “Why this ‘Why this Kolaveri'?” on the “Tanglish' song sung by actor Dhanush (Nov. 23) published on page 1 in Chennai and some other editions. I was inclined to ask: “You too,The Hindu?” When there are so many issues of national and international significance, was it necessary to devote a quarter of a page to a film song? Whatever its popularity, it certainly did not deserve to occupy the first page.

Sundar Kumaraswamy,


The HinduCinema Plus covers A to Z of movies and the news associated with them. Why not let the main pages give priority, as usual, to pressing political and economic issues, leaving the ‘juicy' items for the back page and the supplements?

B. Gurumurthy,


When I first saw the Kolaveri news, I checked whether it wasThe HinduI was reading. I then checked whether it was the Cinema Plus or the Friday Review. I was taken aback on finding that it was the main issue ofThe Hindu, that too page 1.

Agreed, we have to keep changing with the times for survival. Film titbits are a means to attract the young. But the abrupt change is not expected of the prominent, role-model newspaper. I feel like singing “Why this cineveri, cineveri, pa?”

A.V. Ramanathan,


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