Notwithstanding the criticism and ridicule of the Congress leaders’ austerity drive, it is time politicians, bureaucrats, and all those spending government money understood the need for utilising it judiciously. Only then will the government have enough funds for creating jobs, constructing schools, improving health care and undertaking schemes for the benefit of the poor.

It is important to implement the austerity drive in all sincerity till an austere way of life becomes a habit among our leaders.

R.J. Khurana, Bhopal

By adopting austerity measures, the Congress leaders will be able to save at least a small part of the taxpayers’ money, which is welcome. But these measures must continue forever. The opposition leaders who ridicule the Congress should ask themselves what steps they have taken to cut costs.

Rahul M. Kurian, Pathanamthitta

The austerity drive adopted by Congress leaders deserves praise. What is not in good taste, however, is the media hype over it and the conspicuous display of the so-called austerity measures. If the pomp and show is avoided, the move will gain credibility.

P.K. Varadarajan, Chennai

More than anything, the publicity given to the austerity measures reflects poorly on the state of our media. They overlook many a genuine and unpretentious leader in our midst, especially of the Left parties, who practise the simplest of lifestyles without much ado. Professionalism requires that the media take efforts to highlight such principled politics and its authentic practitioners.

P. Venu, Kakinada

Our present-day leaders are unlikely to remember Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Kamaraj who, on coming to know of a water connection to his house in his village, ordered its suspension because it was unfair to enjoy the facility when others were struggling with roadside water pipes.

N.V. Sudarsanan, Chennai

Does anyone remember that the third class in trains used to be called the Gandhi class because Gandhiji travelled by it? It is another matter that it cost the Railways heavily for providing third class travel to Gandhiji.

K.V. Pathy, Bangalore

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