The Australian government’s claim that the spate of attacks on Indians is not racial -- even after the gruesome murder of Nitin Garg and the attack on Jaspreet Singh -- can hardly be taken seriously. It is time New Delhi protested strongly in an international forum. It can think of issuing guidelines and placing restrictions on students leaving for Australia.

R. Sekar, Visakhapatnam

Many Indians have been attacked in the last two years in sporadic outbursts of violence in Australia. Stabbing a person to death, setting a man on fire … such acts are insane and inhuman. Whether the attacks are racially motivated or not is immaterial.

That Indians alone have been victims of violence in recent times and the Australian authorities have not been able to punish anyone for any of the attacks betrays its indifferent attitude. Unless New Delhi takes decisive diplomatic steps, Canberra will just stop with condemning all acts of violence.

P. Rathi Rekha, Coimbatore

By attributing the attacks on Indians to racism, we are playing the easiest “me the victim” role that we are most adept at, instead of delving deeper into the issues involved. The day one cites the inadequacies of one’s country as a good enough reason to look for greener pastures, he or she prepares the ground for such treatment.

This is all the more true when his or her contribution to the host country is, at best, close to ordinary. Expecting equality in all respects in every country to which one emigrates is as wishful as seeking global citizenship.

G. Venkataraman, New Delhi

In the wake of the increasing attacks on Indians, particularly the killing of Nitin and the attack on Jaspreet, we should resolve not to go abroad for education or employment. We should strive to make our country more prosperous. India is a huge nation with huge natural and human resources. Each one of us should determine that we will not depend on foreign countries for our daily bread.

G.N. Devaraj, Bhavanisagar

The impression that has been created by the extensive coverage of the attacks in the Indian media is that the whole of Australia has turned racist overnight. This is not true. I have travelled extensively in Australia and I have not been subjected to any racial attack, physical or verbal. Behavioural aberrations on the part of some misguided elements should not be permitted to torpedo relations between two vibrant democracies. Our efforts should be to usher in normality and allow Indian students who choose to study in Australia, peaceful intellectual pursuit.

P. Srieedharan, Chennai

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