It seems protests have become part and parcel of our lives. First we saw some Muslim groups protesting against the film, Vishwaroopam, and now we find an art exhibition — “The Naked and the Nude” — in Delhi becoming the target of Durga Vahini, women’s wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Some section of society will always be offended by one thing or the other. But disruptions and moral policing are not expected in a nation that boasts of unity in diversity.

Nidhi Sharma, New Delhi

Art in any form is under threat in India. The growing trend of imposing too many dos and don’ts will deface India which, for centuries, has been an embodiment of art, architecture, dance and music. All these forms of art, classical or folk, were considered divine.

But instead of setting an example to other countries, we are emulating the fundamentalists of other countries. It is time to put an end to the trend.

P.U. Krishnan, Udhagmandalam

The art exhibition is only a temporary show which only art connoisseurs are likely to see. Why does not the VHP women's wing direct its ire at the more insidious and pervasive ways in which women are peddled by the media, corroding our society from within? From the influx of pornography on mobile phones, to “item songs” (the name itself is reprehensible) that our young girls are taught to dance to, and Punjabi ‘rappers’ who glorify violence against women, there are more serious threats to our society. It is true that the Delhi gang rape has brought the issue of women’s rights to the fore. But people are focussing on rape per se, rather than the media and social drivers that teach men to treat a woman like a plaything.

Vishal Bondwal, Faridabad

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