The Prime Minister-designate, Narendra Modi, touching his forehead on the steps of Parliament House reverentially was a moving sight (May 21). It shows that victory has mellowed him and made him humble, which is the mark of a true statesman. Now that people’s expectations are very high, Mr. Modi needs to start his tenure with optimism and hope. People expect benevolence and fairness from the government.

K.M.G. Vivekanandam,


The way Mr. Modi bowed, showed his reverence to the institutions of the world’s greatest democracy. It is a gesture that has touched the hearts of crores of Indians. Later on, his address to party members in the Central Hall of Parliament, during which he turned emotional, showed that he wants to get things moving. India can expect a golden future.

R.R. Gandikota,


At 67 years of age, this is the first time I have seen or read of any parliamentarian kneel down and touch the steps leading to Parliament in order to pay his respects to our temple of democracy. Mr. Modi’s references to two mothers, “Bharat Mata and the BJP”, reveal more about him. His sole interest is to serve the nation and not to mint money through Parliament. Though he is a hard-nosed campaigner, he can be as soft as a lotus too. He is certainly unmatched and incomparable; he appears to be absolutely selfless.

Hansraj Bhat,


One often hears the adage “a place of work is a place of worship,” an age-old belief in India. At the place of worship, irrespective of religion or faith, there are no disparities whatsoever between the devotees who have congregated. Parliament House is such a place of worship, and Mr. Modi has amplified this concept once again and powerfully with his simple and humble gesture. We often lament the chaotic behaviour of our parliamentarians. Let us hope that Mr. Modi will resurrect the dignity of the House and that sessions will be conducted with decorum. Finally, “Let us work together” should become the slogan of every parliamentarian.

V.P. Dhananjayan,


Pandemonium and frequent disruptions should now be a thing of the past in Parliament. No more scenes of bags of currency notes being opened in the well of the House, pepper-spray attacks, microphones being wrenched and papers being torn up. The serene picture of Mr. Modi bowing before Parliament must mark a new beginning in the way the temple of democracy functions.

K. Sivasubramanian,


That Mr. Modi has vowed to “work for the poor” while advising BJP workers to shun posts and work for the motherland, gives us all hope. The fact that he has made it clear he wants a new work culture shows that better days lie ahead.

Suresh Kumar K.P.,


This refers to the report, “Busy days ahead for bureaucrats” (May 21). By asking bureaucrats to “clearly mark their targets, policies, priority areas and budgetary needs,” it is clear that Mr. Modi wants to replicate the successful Gujarat model. One only hopes that he understands the sufferings and aspirations and hopes of the masses and uses the responsibility that lies with him to help realise their dreams.

S. Narayanan,


The report shows that it is possible in India’s democracy to think big and dream high. Mr. Modi’s spectacular rise shows that hard work is always rewarded. His record, as a Chief Minister who is becoming the Prime Minister, is both rare and interesting.

Sankaran Suryanarayanan,


Is this the sign of a new Narendra Modi? Let us hope that the new government does not spend time carrying out acts of revenge. India needs special attention and care after the UPA collapsed halfway. Mr. Modi needs to fulfil many wishes.

Beena Anil,


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